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Enter Hooch & Co's contest for a chance to win a free 1 year membership! Refer friends to increase your chances of winning. The person at the top of the leaderboard and one randomly chosen person will be our two winners.

How to enter

In addition to entering the draw, you can maximize your chances to win by sharing your unique referral link. In addition to a random draw, we are giving a one year membership to the person with the most points, guaranteed!
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Pre-register for Hooch & Co by signing up for the contest above!
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Share your link with friends and on social media for additional chances to win.
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Increase your chances to win!
For every person who signs up under your referal link, you receive 10 additional entries!

Contest Faqs

How long will the contest run for?

The contest will run until March 1st, 2024. The contest close date is subject to change, however.

How many people win the grand prize?

Two people will win the grand prize - one person who is randomly selected from the draw, and a second person who has the most referral points.

How do I get more entries and referral points?

1 referral point = 1 entry. To get more entries and points, simply share your unique referral link across your social channels, as well as with friends and family. For every person who signs up under your unique referral link, you receive 5 additional entries into the draw, and if you have the most points by the end of the contest, you automatically win the free year!

I don't live in Calgary. Can I still enter?

To qualify, you must live in the Calgary area. The contest is not available for people who live elsewhere.

What if someone signs up a bunch under their own link?

The software that we are using to run this contest automatically recognizes if the same person tries to sign up multiple times under their own link. People who do so will be automatically disqualified from the contest.


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