welcome to Calgary's first ever dog bar

Grab a drink, relax, and let your pup play in our mud-free environment. Come for the beer, stay for the dogs!

Dog-First Bar

We're not just dog-friendly, we're dog-first! Hooch & Co is a place where you can let your pup roam free while you kick back and relax.


Looking to meet new people? Hooch & Co is the perfect spot to mingle and connect with fellow dog lovers.

fun, inside and out

Hooch & Co is designed with over 3,000 square feet of indoor play space and 6,000 square feet outside for a fun and interactive experience.

good vibes only

We're all about having a good time. Our lively atmosphere and friendly staff will make you feel right at home, whether you're a regular or a first-time visitor.

Where it all started

Hooch & Co was dreamed up by Calgary entrepreneur, Hailey Seidel, who wanted to create a place where her community and their dogs could co-exist in a fun, entertaining and innovative environment. Hooch and Co seeks to create a pet-friendly community of responsible pet owners where they can enjoy great food, beverages with a one-of-a-kind experience with their dog by their side.
Owning pet care businesses in Calgary since 2008, Hailey’s purpose has grown from wanting to provide the best pet care experiences possible for Calgarians at The Petropolitan and Calgary Dog Walkers, to creating joy for everyone with her branding, concepts, service offerings and design.
Hooch is both the name for prohibited alcohol and the iconic bull mastiff millennials grew up seeing on the big screen. It’s the perfect name for his exciting project where we celebrate the end of prohibition of dogs in social spaces. Committed to urban living and business development with a personal interest in live, local music, Seidel is excited to join the eclectic community of Inglewood, renovating a historic building for another lively addition to Calgary’s music mile.
Uniquely qualified with over a decade in pet care, Seidel is excited to share some of the best days you’ll ever experience with a dog, a drink, neighbors, music and food at Hooch & Co. We can’t wait to see you (and your dog)!

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We're always looking for new ways to make our pup's social life even better. Contact us today to learn more about what Hooch & Co offers and how you can be a part of it!
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1409 9 Ave SE,
Calgary, AB T2G 0T4